Field Service

Our competent field service team advises and supports our clients with all questions regarding product range, publicity and key performance indicators.


Our clients can draw on tried-and-tested advertising concepts, but are also free to implement their own individual ideas and wishes with us.

Location Development

Before a new store can be opened, it must be intelligently planned, calculated and organised. We can help here.

Store designs

With our carefully thought-out store designs we create the framework for the optimal presentation of products.

Continued education

We offer our clients seminars and workshops on many trade-related topics, including human resources management, customer loyalty and business management.


We have secured extensive purchasing advantages, which we pass on to our clients.


Sophisticated logistics means that around 1,500 clients are supplied quickly and reliably.


Competent advice and client-oriented service characterise Bela’s performance profile in wholesale.


We have secured extensive purchasing advantages, which we pass on to our clients.

To this end, MARKANT AG acts as a purchasing office, where many notable trading companies are organised. These trade partners of MARKANT, of which there are over 100, generated a gross external turnover of 85 billion euros in the wholesale and retail trade in 2013, of which MARKANT AG settled 36,3 billion euros. The correspondingly high sales figures enable us to negotiate favourable purchasing prices with manufacturers. You can find out more about MARKANT AG at

PHD - high levels of regional consolidation and strength of product range

Bartels-Langness is also one of the founding partners of the purchasing company Privates Handelshaus Deutschland (PHD). Its partners are characterised by substantial market shares in the region and high level of ability to present its range of products in a convincing and competitive manner in the region.

The four founding partners of PHD represent 250 hypermarkets and C+C markets, well over 2,000 supermarkets and petrol stations and 200 speciality markets throughout Germany. Every day they fill a total shop floor area of over 1.6 million square metres with their products. With 6 billion euros of external turnover, PHD is the largest private purchasing cooperation in Germany. Its partners, also including Bartels-Langness’ famila stores and MARKANT supermarkets, are an attractive partner for the brand name industry, as they offer an ideal platform for national and regional marketing activities and performance. Furthermore, they also impress with high on-site concentration and centralised logistical services. You can find out more about PHD at

Purchasing advantages due to our own Logistics department

We also offer a great deal of our suppliers the option of centrally supplying our warehouse, instead of having to drive to each retail store, which is a logistical advantage for manufacturers, saving our clients hard cash.

Direct purchasing

What is more, our clients also benefit from the extensive know-how of our buyers, who are able to negotiate globally outstanding conditions because we buy our products with the partners mentioned above directly from the manufacturer, regardless of whether their head office is in China, South Africa or Schleswig-Holstein. This saves us and our clients additional money.

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